Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Happiness is your birthright - Part 1

Happiness is your birthright.
Our bodies are gifts from God. We need them to be here. For it is in loving and appreciating our bodies that we begin the path to consciousness. Happiness is your
birthright. Opening, or balancing all your chakras is the key to that happiness. "The very purpose of our life is happiness, the very motion of our life is towards
happiness." --The Dalai Lama It's nearly impossible to balance these eight power centers perfectly to bring out their talents every day of your life. But don't worry, perfection isn't the goal. The goal is to become aware of the energy emanating from each chakra and to be able to call upon it when you need it. Let's say you're called on to make a presentation at a board meeting. You'll need to shift into the fifth chakra located at your throat to communicate your ideas clearly, and the third chakra to give your presentation the special emphasis and punch of
commitment. If an angry coworker blows up over the smallest inconvenience, don't meet
fire with fire. Try meeting her with your fourth chakra, using compassion to heal the fear
and insecurity behind her outburst.
Our bodies are like complex worlds within worlds. We know where they begin and end,
and yet they are vast and full of mysteries which we may never understand. No machine
has ever been devised by a human that is as complex or artful as our own human body.
The ancient system of chakras is a way to understand ourselves. There is an incredible
amount of subtle interaction going on all the time. I have chosen specific Kundalini Yoga exercise sequences and meditations to help you develop the human talent that lies hidden within each chakra. I suggest you choose one or two, and try them for three minutes at least. I always suggest that students begin trying any meditation for three minutes, and increase it to seven, then eleven, eventually working up to thirty-one minutes. You can see improvement by committing to doing the meditation for a longer period of time.
From - The Body Mirror System of Healing

Monday, September 15, 2008

Diet Food Healthy Living

More than ever before we are striving to live longer and stay healthier longer and your diet food healthy living invokes making sure the food you eat is healthy. It’s important that you combine food types to create a well balance meal.

Your diet food healthy living invokes making sure that you eat the right portion of each food group to make sure that you are getting the right nutrition. You need to eat the right amount of foods from the bread, cereal, and potato group; fruits and vegetables group, milk and dairy foods group; and the meats and fish group.

Diet food healthy living invokes visions of living to the ripe old age of 100 and feeling like your 50. A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables can have that kind of impact on your healthy because not only are you getting the right vitamins and minerals you are also getting excellent anti-oxidants which are important for removing free radicals and keeping you younger and healthier.

Diet food healthy living invokes visions of spending a lot less time sick and that includes from simple illnesses like the common cold to more serous diseases like cancer. Combining foods that provide you with the correct nutrients, proteins, and carbs each day to create a balanced diet can go a long way to keeping you healthy. The earlier you start to practice good eating the better. In fact if you have children of your own start them as soon as you put them on table foods while they are still young enough to be receptive to whatever you feed them.

Diet food for healthy living is meant to achieve your goals which include eating a variety of foods; eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables; plenty of grains; low fat intake; low saturated fats; reduced sugar intake; reduced salt intake. By living by your goals you will achieve overall better health.

As we learn to understand better how the food we eat interacts in our body we are better able to quickly learn what we need to do to keep get the most out of our food to keep us younger and healthier. Diet food for healthy living invokes visions us at the perfect body weight with a lean waist, toned muscle, and the proper body weight for our height within our BMI. After all if you are eating right you are going to look great.

Diet food for healthy living encourages the eating of not just the right foods but the right amount of calories in a day. It helps us to learn to calculate what calorie intake is needed to maintain our weight, loose weight, or increase weight. It’s very important that we understand how our calorie intake and our calorie burn work to determine our body weight.

Diet food healthy living invokes what we want to look like, what we want to feel like, and how we want to achieve that more youthful feeling and more youthful appearance. We truly are what we eat and so a healthy diet means a healthy you!

By: Ramone Stevenson

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Mantra of Fitness For the 21st Century

The mantra for the 21st century among us all is that of fitness. We all want to be concerned with being fit and not fat. Fitness is the new age of being and fits nicely with our yearning for health and leisure pursuits. This may have stemmed not just from health concerns but also from our pursuit of vanity.

We don't want fat and cellulite. That in itself would be a good aim. But this does not mean we are aiming for fitness. Society is so committed to fitness and health that even children are being told to watch what they eat. Weighing scales have become an important instrument! Yet, simply losing weight does not mean that we are destined to become fit.

So what is it with fitness that is so important? Well fitness equates to being healthy but to others simply being slim is being fit. Being slim is a good target but this does not mean we are truly fit.

Fitness is difficult to define. We need to look at the whole picture and not just the close up views of parts of the whole. Fat people are often unfit almost by definition. But thin people can also be significantly unfit.

Fitness is not just being able to do a cardio exercise for an hour or being strong and flexible. Nor is it to do with anything related to being slim and physically attractive. Fitness may encompass these qualities but does not become defined by them. We need to have all those characteristics in equilibrium - strength and flexibility; power and endurance; lean-ness and posture.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Fitness Tips

Fitness tips offer concise knowledge about developments in the field of health and fitness. It is a step-by-step procedure that guides one through the basic concepts and internal aspects of health. It can be defined as expert advice on how to remain fit and healthy. Fitness tips inspire fitness enthusiasts to maintain a healthy life style. Fitness tips involbe exercise regimens, diets, even motivational courses, meditation sessions, and so on. Fitness is best defined as whatever works best for you.

To sit and read books related to fitness and health-related topics take time and patience. Fitness tips provide readymade solutions, since one can easily obtain the very latest and valuable information about various ways to stay fit and in shape. Fitness tips mainly revolve around health, exercise, weight loss and nutrition. They may include information regarding various sports injuries and ways of preventing them, common exercising methods, diet rules, bodybuilding and methods to overcome body fat and reduce stress and strain. Apart from common health information, fitness tips highlight the dos and don’ts that must be kept in mind to preserve a healthy routine. They are popular because of the growing number of health consciousness people. But one must be very cautious because unreliable fitness tips may result in health consequences. So it is better to take the advice of an expert before adopting any tip. Health experts and professional trainers deliver up-to-date tips to best suit anyone’s lifestyle. Fitness tips can be accessed through magazines and other publications. A free collection of tips are also available online.

Fitness provides detailed information on Fitness, Fitness Equipment, Fitness Tips, Physical Fitness and more. Fitness is affiliated with Exercise Programs.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Healthy Living - 5 Steps To Get There

Life has many opportunities for enjoyment. The problem is for many unhealthy people life is too short to take advantage of these simple pleasures. Healthy living is the key to achieve this.

Healthy living consists of everything we do that fosters a better wellbeing for us and our loved ones. Adapting to healthy living can often be difficult, but the benefits are indeed very hopeful and should serve as our inspiration.

Here is five easy steps help you reap the benefits of healthy living.

1. START EXERCISING. Our bodies are not meant to be inactive. Our systems require a steady flow of oxygen, and oxygen is most effectively absorbed through a healthy respiratory system. Cardiovascular exercise assures that our respiratory system is always in top shape, and as a result, so will the rest of our body.

2. BALANCED DIET & NUTRITION. You are what you eat. Monitor what you consume, and keep away from a detrimental abundance of those which are unhealthy for your body. Certain carbohydrates (sugars and refined flours) can lead to a heart disease and diabetes. Try to increase the intake of nutrients that are good for your everyday life such as fibers and protein-rich low fat foods.

3. KILL CERTIAN HABITS. Smoking can be a killer, along with a dependence on alcohol and drugs. These addictions endanger our health, and should be stopped right away. Bad habits can give us a false sense of satisfaction, but such is merely momentary. Over time these dangerous habits will take their toll on our bodies.

4. ACCEPT YOURSELF. Healthy living is as much a psychological issue as it is a physical undertaking. Reinforcing yourself with happy and positive thoughts gives you the confidence you need to conquer anything that life throws your way, giving you the confidence that makes you feel good about yourself. To feel good about ourselves is to live an unstressed existence and to take pleasure in all the splendors that life has!

5. REWARD YOURSELF. Many attempts for healthy living fail because the rewarding one self for achieving goals is forgotten. A campaign to attain healthy living can be fun, especially if we reward ourselves for a job well done. At the end of the day, when what we want to accomplish has been accomplished, we should always take time to reward ourselves for the commitment and resolve we have shown.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Healthy Living With The Green Tea Diet

With the increasing focus on weight loss and healthy eating, we are subjected on a daily basis to an overwhelming amount of information. It seems that every day brings the advent of some new weight loss product that promises to help us shed pounds and get healthy in one fell swoop. It’s no wonder that we’re all so confused. But those who understand the components of healthy weight loss know that a focus on natural, whole foods can increase your body’s health and bring you to a weight that’s appropriate for you. Many natural food enthusiasts continue to tout the benefits of the green tea diet – using the natural characteristics of green tea to speed the metabolism and achieve optimal health.

It seems that each study yields more benefits of the green tea diet. For instance, green tea – a natural and aggressive antioxidant – will cleanse your body of impurities and help keep your system balanced. The benefits of this are increased immunity against a variety of viruses and bacteria. In fact, some recent studies have shown the promise of a green tea diet in warding off such conditions as Alzheimer’s because of the tea’s ability to fight off certain chemicals that cause plaque build-up on the brain.

Additionally, a green tea diet will afford you a speedier metabolism as green tea has been shown to effectively raise metabolic levels. And if that weren’t enough, it has also been shown that a green tea diet will help your body burn fat, as the properties of green tea efficiently break down fat deposits.

However, for those who must stay away from caffeine, the green tea diet is not for you. Green tea does contain caffeine but is certainly a superlative choice to coffee in addressing your body’s overall health.

Participants in a green tea diet can sip the beverage after meals to help aid digestion and keep metabolic rates increased. Or try substituting your morning coffee with a cup of green tea.

The green diet is in no way a substitute for overall healthy eating and plenty of physical activity. But it can be a component of your new lifestyle of healthy living.

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By Michelle Bery

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Healthy living the key to success

These days people are becoming very conscious about their eating habits. There are more instances realized when we notice that there is too much of consciousness among people to stay fit and healthy. Hence people have realized that there is too much need felt for people to know the right balanced diet which will enable to stay fit as well as get the right amount of required nutrients and calories without much intake of food with which they can tend to become hefty. It is very much necessary that people eat the right food at the right time. People love to eat but many people who want to lose weight start relying on boiled vegetables. It so happens that they start losing their interest to eat itself. Here it is much essential to quote that there are ways with which weight can be lost as well as you can love to eat. However this article would help you to have balanced diet and will enable you to live healthy. These tips can be followed and you can enjoy the usual food you eat.

Have nutrient rich foods: It is a requirement that you almost need to consume 40 nutrients for good health, and it is not one product that supplies all these nutrients. Your daily eating pattern should contain whole wheat grain products, meat, poultry and other protein foods, fruits, vegetables, dairy products. However your calorie requirement pays a key requirement on the quantity you consume.

Make sure you consume plenty of whole, grains, vegetables: Statistics reveal that most of the Americans do not consume much of fruits, vegetables and grains. It is of utmost importance that you consume all of these. If you didn’t like these earlier then try a hand on them now .You can look into various recipes books to try and make these foods in different styles which you are not familiar with. It is required that you need to go in for 6-11 servings from bread, rice and pasta group. You should have 2-5 servings of fruits and 3-5 servings of vegetables.

Have the right weight: There are different factors that help you to determine the right weight like sex, hereditary, height, age etc. It is important that you need to maintain the right weight required. Excessive weight can increase the chances of high blood pressure, heart stroke, diabetes and some type of cancer and various disorders. However if you are too thin it can cause you menstrual irregularities, osteoporosis etc.

Make it a point that you eat your meals in short portions.
Have regular meals because skipping the meals can lead you to overeating.
These can be some of the points which can help you to maintain a balanced diet.

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